December 02, 2011

Google+ and rel="author"

If you really want to be visible in the search engines as a person, you should make your own Google+ account now. If you have a blog, you could create links that point to your profile with that special HTML5 thing we call rel="author".

I give my credits to for sharing us this awesome post about the importance of rel="author". If you have time, you should watch the video in that post.

After I've seen this post, I realized that I really should take advantage of this so that my online presence can be felt. Kinda sounds a bit high-up-there, or something like that, but Google+ does just that for you. 

Google+A little summary of that post I shared above would be this: use the rel="author" in your <a> tags and point it towards your Google+ profile. Then, in your Google+ profile, create a link to the blog where you posted that link with the rel="author". Here's the entire code for that rel="author" thing:
<a href="your Google+ profile address goes here, i.e." rel="author">Text here, most preferably your name</a>


  1. Thanks for the mention. I really think adding the Google+ button to your blog with the "rel=author" tag won't only help you get more authority on google for your name but it will also help you in driving more traffic to your blog because you will be the one that will dominate search results for that name. Like mine now, if I'm conducting a search for my name on Google, my name comes up on the first page.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Olawale. That's one of the cool things that you want to happen to your name on the Net: seeing it on the first page of the SERPs. I tried it out with your name, by the way. You DO appear on the first page! That's awesome, man!