June 25, 2012


I know, you might think that I've ran out of ideas because I'm writing about something so mainstream in the world of SEO. Give me a chance here, because there was one time when I asked myself why is a ton of misleading messages online and the repetition of sending these messaged called as such.
 How can something that a lot of people eat be associated with tons of garbage-like messages online-- Oh, wait.

June 14, 2012

Are You Looking for New Shoes?

Whenever I look at my shoes, I'm thinking of when I'm actually going to buy a new pair. The shoes I'm wearing right now are pretty beat up. They're so beat up that you wouldn't want to see a picture of it here. Okay, to give you a little teaser, you can talk to my shoes.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to talk about shoes is not totally about shoes. Well, in a sense, it could be about shoes since I am looking for a new pair. This is about what you can see when you search for "new shoes" on Google. You know what I wanted to see? I'd love to see some online stores that have galleries of awesome shoes. It would be awesome if I could have some sort of a Green Lantern motif, just like the one in the picture below. But I guess I didn't get that result.

Straight Jacket Shoes
I'm pretty sure you'd want these when you're looking for 'em on Google

June 11, 2012

Social Networking Power Punch

June 9, 2012. That's the date of the fight that a lot of boxing fans from all over the world are waiting for (somewhat, because we all want to see Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao). That's the same night that a lot of people were shocked by the results. I didn't see the fight 'cause I was sleeping. Yes, it's a sad fact, but I got to hear a lot of negative noise caused by this fight. I took a look at social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and there were a lot of people talking about this fight and the whole boxing landscape per se.

Talk About a Power Punch

June 08, 2012

Forum Posting

Before anything else, I'd like to say that it's good to be back! It's been a while since I've been here. If you're going to look at the last post I made, it was way back in December. I had to stop because things have become a little bit busy at work. Even playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has been eating my time; you know, tournaments and stuff like that. Come on, I don't just do SEO all the time.

Anyway, as a return post, I'll be talking about something that I've been seeing while I'm doing some interaction with my fellow SEO people online. If you're going to look at my Tweets, you'll notice that I haven't touched it that much since that Tweet to ElevatorLoft. As I've said, I've been a little busy. Some people that I've encountered online through blogs and forums are talking about what the best link building strategy is. I've talked about blog commenting before; this time, I'll be talking about forum posting.

December 26, 2011

Blog Commenting

It has been considered as one of the effective ways of connecting with other people, along with social media activity and forum participation. Whenever you leave comments on other people’s blogs, you gain a certain amount of unrecorded reputation points. Even though those points aren’t really recorded, tallied on paper or whatever, they would still remember you because you’re the one who gives life to the posts and the conversations.

Whenever I try it out, there are times that I see some blogs with comments from people (or bots) that use keywords as their name. Some of the replies on that line are actually valuable to the post, but most of them usually fall on the spammy edge. By the way, I look for blogs by simply using this search term:

Your keyword here inurl:blog comments

spammy cliff
There are times that you're going to feel like the sheep that fell off.

Yes, you would usually see comments that would have just “nice post” or any variation (or maybe a spun variation of that; the longer one, that is) of that in the post. There could be times that they would tell you that they like it so much that they’ll recommend it to others, but they haven’t really given any reaction on the post per se. You know what’s frustrating here?

There are times that whenever you try to leave a comment on those blogs that have ONE accepted “nice post” comment, your comment won’t be accepted no matter how valuable to the conversation you think it is. Hello, pet peeve.

Anyway, enough negative reactions on that. Just remember that whenever you try to leave comments on blogs, do make sure that you know what you’re going to say. Just saying “thank you for the post” is not going to cut it.

December 05, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Some of Vergil's Combos

So I saw this video over at Youtube and decided to try it out over the weekend. Luckily, I was able to pull 'em off. For those of you who are playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 using Vergil, I'll help you out with these combos here by leaving the transcript.

s. = standing
sj. = super jump
u, d, b, f = up, down, back, forward, respectively
qcb, qcf = quarter circle back/forward
dp = dragon punch motion (f, d, df)
L, M, H, S = low, medium, high, special/launcher attack, respectively
XX = 2 attack buttons
A = assist
XF = X-Factor

Combo 1: s. L, s. M, s. H, f+H, dp+L~H, sj. M, sj. H, sj. S, (land) s. H, f+H~qcb+L, c. H, s. S, sj. M, sj. M, sj. H, sj. d+H, (land) df+H~qcf+XX, XF~df+H~qcf+XX

Combo 2: s. L, s. M, s. H, f+H, qcb+XX, s. M, s. H, f+H, dp+L~H, sj. M, sj. H, sj. S, (land) s. H, f+H~qcb+L, c. H, s. S, sj. M, sj. M, sj. H, sj. d+H, (land) qcb+XX, df+H~qcf+XX

Combo 3: s. L, s. M, s. H, f+H, dp+L~H, sj. M, sj. H, sj. S, (land) s. H, f+H~qcb+L, c. H, s. S, sj. M, sj. M, sj. H, sj. d+H, (land), A [Wesker-Samurai Edge], dp+XX, qcb+XX, j. d+H, j. d+H, qcb+XX

These might look lengthy, but don't be intimidated by the transcript. You can do it!

December 02, 2011

Google+ and rel="author"

If you really want to be visible in the search engines as a person, you should make your own Google+ account now. If you have a blog, you could create links that point to your profile with that special HTML5 thing we call rel="author".

I give my credits to TechAtLast.com for sharing us this awesome post about the importance of rel="author". If you have time, you should watch the video in that post.

After I've seen this post, I realized that I really should take advantage of this so that my online presence can be felt. Kinda sounds a bit high-up-there, or something like that, but Google+ does just that for you. 

Google+A little summary of that post I shared above would be this: use the rel="author" in your <a> tags and point it towards your Google+ profile. Then, in your Google+ profile, create a link to the blog where you posted that link with the rel="author". Here's the entire code for that rel="author" thing:
<a href="your Google+ profile address goes here, i.e. https://plus.google.com..." rel="author">Text here, most preferably your name</a>