November 29, 2011

Strong Ties vs. Weak Ties

I shared a link over at Twitter yesterday. It's about social networking. If you missed that Tweet, here's the link to that awesome post by a former FBI undercover agent.

By the way, you can follow her on Twitter, LaRaeQuy.

Ties = Links; The strong links will always keep the chain together; As for the weak links, you have to think of something to keep them together.

ChainsOkay, now for the main event. She was talking about the advantages of having weak ties in building strong bridges. Sounds a bit vague, but let me get to the point. The thing here is that you have build a good reputation among people other than those you have a strong relationship with, e.g. your family and friends, the chances that your good stuff is going to spread is high. That's how powerful those "weak ties" are.

Those weak ties could also be the key to the improvement of your current products and services. Even if your family and your friends know a bit about your business, there's this chance that you'll get a biased opinion. Some of those weak ties could share some information that neither your family nor your friends know.

Here's where social media kicks in - relationship management. Using social media to keep in touch with those weak ties is the key to maintaining a stable relationship with them. Even if you won't spend a ton of time on social media, as long as you keep in touch, they will feel that you're giving them importance. The same thing works for strong ties as well.

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