June 11, 2012

Social Networking Power Punch

June 9, 2012. That's the date of the fight that a lot of boxing fans from all over the world are waiting for (somewhat, because we all want to see Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao). That's the same night that a lot of people were shocked by the results. I didn't see the fight 'cause I was sleeping. Yes, it's a sad fact, but I got to hear a lot of negative noise caused by this fight. I took a look at social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and there were a lot of people talking about this fight and the whole boxing landscape per se.

Talk About a Power Punch

When I said a lot of people, I really mean a lot of people. I'm sorry I don't have a REAL Facebook account. I only use it for testing and stuff like that, but I've talked with a lot of friends last night, and they were saying that there was a lot of noise going on in Facebook. I could have shown you some screenshots if I had an account. Anyway, I'll be sharing some of my favorites on Twitter. I like it there more than on Facebook. Well, for now. I'm not really that much of an game app addict, anyway.

Pacquiao should have won this one, says a lot of people. It's pretty hard to accept that Desert Storm Bradley won this one. Well, I guess Lady Luck's biggest grin was on him. Here are some of the Tweets by famous people that really caught my attention.
This Tweet by WWE Champion CM Punk packed a punch. Boxing is a sport. WWE is more of an entertainment kind of thing. I'm not saying that the risks they take are fake. The thing here is that boxing is supposed to be as real as it looks. If you guys are familiar with one of the most famous screw jobs in WWE history, the fight last night was pretty similar.

LA Laker Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest. His reaction towards the fight was really... I don't know. It's so him. No offense to the guy, but you can really imagine him reacting that way in real life when he posted that on Twitter. I wouldn't blame him if he really wanted Pacman to win this bout.

Rapper Busta Rhymes also reacted to the fight, and we all know the all-caps effect when we post stuff online. When you see someone post in all caps, you'll get this impression that he or she is shouting out whatever it is that he or she typed. You'll clearly see how he really wants Pacquiao to win that fight. It makes me wonder who he rooted for back when Morales fought Pacquiao.

This Tweet from Katy Perry is the one that I want to focus on because this Tweet includes a lot of the stuff that helped me gain followers over at Twitter. She really wanted Pacquiao to win, and she even considers him as the best boxer in the world. And I bet she isn't the only one who thinks so. Since she was pretty disappointed about the result, she included a hashtag which trended worldwide yesterday, saying that boxing is dead.

Let's do a little turn for a while. Let's look at Katy Perry's Tweet in a social media marketer's point of view. She was talking about a trending topic. That's one of the most basic things that you can do to grab the attention of people. She already has the advantage because she's famous, but if you're not, you can still get to that level by sharing something that could potentially be viral. Another thing that you can take a look at would be the hashtags that she used in the Tweet. It's not only her who is using those. If you're going to look at those hashtags over at Twitter, a lot have used it. That's how I got to know some people in the SEO reseller business, and the entire SEO industry itself.

With all this noise in Twitter, I can tell that social media can really pack a punch. I could have said a lot more if I had some screenshots from Facebook, but I think these would be enough for now.

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