November 15, 2011


The post is a little bit about "anchors", but not exactly the type of anchor that Guilty Gear's May is carrying.

Good day, everyone! Today, we're going to talk about anchor texts. The stuff that they call anchor texts are those words that are colored and usually underlined. When you hover over those anchor texts, your cursor changes to the hand with the index finger pointing at it, or whatever cursor the site owner has set. Here, try it out:

This is an example of an anchor text.

If you're familiar with HTML, the example above can be done like so:

This is an example of an <a href="">anchor text</a>.

Now, to the SEO part. Usually, SEO people would put the keywords as anchor text. When you leave comments or blogs, or maybe write articles about your website/service/whatever, it's going to look great if it can be a fragment of a sentence. Let's say for example... cars in Texas. If you're going to use the keyword as your anchor text without altering it in any way, it's called an exact match anchor text. Now, the problem with that is this: What if your keyword is performance car parts Dallas Texas? Sure, you can use a little bit of "keyword play", but it's going to be hard on you if your keywords become a little more complicated.

If you're going to modify the keyword you're going to use in your anchor text, that's called a partial match anchor text. Now that you have the freedom to modify your keywords, it's time that you can play around with 'em so that they wouldn't sound awkward, and that the sentences you construct will sound a lot more human.

By the way, I'd like to say thank you to SEOMoz for that informative article about anchor text. Check it out, guys!

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