November 14, 2011


Pandas are considered as one of the cutest in the bear family. The black and white pandas that we all know and love live somewhere in the central and Southern regions of China.


How can you not call this cute?!

Yes, they're cute! But site owners have been whooshed by the word "panda". Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal gave birth to an update to Google's algorithm. They were all like, what the--?!

After the update, the site contents have been really the focus of the improvement of a site's ranking in Google's eyes. Now that they're focusing on the quality, you really have to make sure that you're showing that quality in your content. You also have to show that you're active. Just posting content on your site doesn't really equate to being active. In this age of social networks, where almost everyone has his or her own social media account, you should participate in conversations in your respective community.

Back to quality... If Google sees that your site didn't pass their standards in content quality, you're going to have to take the hit. It's going to take a toll on your site if you say no to Panda.

Never say NO to Panda
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