November 24, 2011


Ahh, Thanksgiving. The day when everyone expects eating that big turkey on the dining table with the rest of your family members, or friends, or whoever he or she’s with. There’s something about this holiday that I would like to give emphasis on.


Mmm~ Mouthwatering, isn't it?
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If you’re going to look for the word thanksgiving in a dictionary, other than it’s a holiday which originated from a celebration of the Pilgrims for a harvest back in 1621, it means an expression of gratitude; giving thanks to put it simply. When you take a look at things, this is actually one of the simplest ways of building a good relationship with other people. If one does something good to you, be thankful. (Let’s not go to the people who do bad stuff to you today, ‘kay?)

In the workplace, if you express your gratitude to your employees by saying that they’ve done a great job in finishing stuff, they’ll work even better in the long run. As a salesperson, if you express gratitude to those who have bought your products and asked for your services, they’ll be happy to contact you for more in the future (provided that you give quality service, that is). The same thing goes for blogging. If you express gratitude for those who have given you information, they’ll be visiting your site a lot, and they’ll be willing to give you more input as long as you credit them for their work.

Well, that’s about it. I said I was going to post about social networks, but I can’t let this holiday pass by without posting about it. … That turkey I placed at the top of the post looks extremely delish! I hope I can eat just a part of it.

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